Denis Rein
I am an experienced independent developer, designer, and network specialist. I specialize in creating accessible products and pay special attention to data confidentiality and security.
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🌟 Hello, I'm Denis Rein! 🌟

A full-stack developer with a passion for accessibility, data security, and creating user-friendly technologies for businesses.

💻 What I do:

I specialize in website development and network configuration, crafting animations with useful functionality and ensuring secure data transmission.

I don't settle for cookie-cutter solutions based on foreign company services, as I avoid the risk of their sudden discontinuation.

📍 Where I'm located:

I work independently in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I develop modules tailored to the business needs of individuals and companies.

I'm always open to negotiations, consultations, and new challenges.

My contacts are at the bottom right.

🚀 My approach:

I thrive on projects that integrate different disciplines, leveraging my engineering experience and development skills.

I collaborate with talented friends who can contribute their expertise to enhance project outcomes.

💡 My work philosophy:

Before embarking on a project, I thoroughly study the potential client, analyze competitors, and identify potential threats through competitive analysis.

I possess extensive experience in information security, designing automated systems and complexes.

I excel at configuring local networks, ensuring their redundancy and availability.

I am skilled in setting up video surveillance systems, access control, working with databases, and conducting information system audits.

⚙️ Technologies I use:

HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, SEO, DNS, Python, Django, Bash, VoIP (Asterisk), SNMP, SMTP, API, Firewall, IDS/IPS, PenTesting, LAN, VLAN, STP, SWITCHING, VPN, QoS, KVM, AD

💻 Additional services:

I also provide computer and laptop repair services, including on-site visits.

👋 I look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life and solving your technical challenges!

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